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Limited Handmade Amigurumis

Aya, the person behind Yunaleskx, first learned the basics of crochet when she was 10-years-old from her grandmother, but like every child, she didn't take it seriously and forgot about it. Decades later, she learned that she love to work with her hands and transform all these ideas in her head into something tangible. For several years, she worked as a professional pastry chef across the Las Vegas Strip, learning and honing her craft from some of the best in the industry, until one day, she decided she learned everything she wanted to learn, placed the knives and hanged the toque, and quit, and went on to pursue medicine. Then one day, tired and stressed out from studying for her board exams, she came across an Instagram page of someone making amigurumi, and memories of her grandmother teaching her came flooding back. She bought some yarn and some hook and an amigurumi book and watched countless Youtube videos and taught herself again how to crochet, all the while feeling her grandma's presence guiding her. Incorporating the knowledge she gained from being a pastry chef into crochet, she learned her own style eventually, and with this, friends encouraged her to start selling her craft. A craft that ends up helping her fund her licensure exams and her residency applications. Passion for the craft. Attention and patience for the details. Obsession for perfectionism. And an extreme love for medicine -- to use my knowledge in servitude of others. These are what's behind the brand Yunaleskx. I am still learning, but I am humbled to be given the opportunity to do so and have people appreciate my creations, which are mere products of my imagionation.

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