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This Sailor Moon-Inspired crochet hook is part of Yunaleskx's Magical Girl Anime Hook Series. The design and handle are made out of a mixture of tough and flexible engineering resin to give the hook durability and an ability to withstand forces and minor falls. It is offered in resin hooks, regular metal hooks, and Clover hooks. Resin hooks are available in sizes 6mm-8mm, and Clover hooks are available in sizes 3.5mm-8mm. As this hook is being offered for PREORDER, it takes 2-3weeks to fulfill your order. 

Moon Wand

PriceFrom $45.00
  • Reselling of items bought from Yunaleskx is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

    Refunds are only offered if the item is defective. 

    Once the item is shipped, the responsibility for the item is no longer with Yunaleskx.

  • 6-8 weeks

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