This demogorgon-inspired hook is part of my Stranger Things collection and is available for pre-order. The design and handle are made of a blend of tough and flexible engineering resin to give the hook durability and an ability to withstand forces and minor falls. It is offered in an all-resin hook, regular metal hooks, and Clover hooks. Resin hooks are available in sizes 6mm-8mm, and Clover hooks in sizes 3.5mm-8mm. As this hook is being offered for PREORDER, it takes 2-3weeks to fulfil your order.


Please indicate in the box what kind of hook you want with the handle. For example, if you just want a resin hook with it, write "RESIN" and what size. For metal and Clover hooks, please purchase an add-on for them and then write "METAL" or "CLOVER" and then the size. 

Demogorgon Mood Hook