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3D printed custom crochet hook made out of a mixture of strong and flexible engineering resin and modelled according to your specifications. Hook options include standard resin hook size 6mm-8mm, or a metal Clover hook size 3.5mm-8mm for an additional fee. Custom Hooks take 2-3weeks to make.


Please reach out to Aya prior to placing a custom order. A custom order placed prior to reaching out to her will immediately be cancelled.


If you're an international client, please reach out to Aya to see if arrangements can be made :)

Custom Crochet Hook

PriceFrom $55.00
  • Due to the custom nature of the product, NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES are ALLOWED unless:

    •  The item(s) arrive DEFECTIVE. Should this occur, the customer is responsible for contacting Yunaleskx within 48hrs of receipt. Failure to do so nullifies the return/exchange policy.
    • The seller mistakenly sends the wrong package.
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